Mortgage Information

What is a pre-approved mortgage?
It’s a written commitment from a lender that you will get a mortgage for a set amount at a set interest rate, locked in for 60-120 days, depending on the lender. The commitment is subject to a financial assessment and property appraisal. This service is always free and without obligation.

Why do it?
A pre-approved mortgage gives you an edge. Before you even start house hunting, you’ll know how much you can afford, your interest rate, and your monthly payments. With your financing already mapped out, you can concentrate on finding the right home in your price range.

A pre-approved mortgage shows you’re a serious buyer. In a situation where several people are bidding on the home you want, you may decide to offer the list price and beat out earlier offers.

There are several factors to consider when making a mortgage decision. From terms and rates to flexibility and type of mortgage, Tony will help assess your unique needs and present the best options.

With more than 16 years experience, Tony Milles from OMAC is the mortgage broker I have been referring my clients to for years.  

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